usanze matrimonio napoli

Customs and traditions of weddings in Naples

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”. This proverb applies to weddings too, especially in Italy. Every region and…

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The best locations for a wedding in Italy

Italy offers unique beauties that every year attract millions of tourists from all over the world. People visit this country…

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Bouquet styles for your wedding

While planning your wedding you have to take care of lots of details. Beyond the location, photographer, party favors and…

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How to write a wedding speech

A wedding is the most important event of a couple’s life. You can give a speech during a toast, after…

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Who pays what in a traditional wedding?

Nowadays weddings have changed and so has the organization. Some time ago couples followed traditions that wanted a strict division…

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matrimonio wanderlust

A wanderlust wedding is the latest trend for travel lovers

Choosing a theme for your wedding is the first thing to think about when you start organizing it. The latest trend…

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matrimonio all'italiana

Traditions for a true Italian-style wedding

Italy is a country full of traditions, especially regarding marriages. Nowadays, many people avoid traditions because they want to feel…

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10 errori che una sposa non deve commettere

10 mistakes that a bride shouldn’t make

Many people say that a wedding is the most important day of someone’s life. It’s obviously true, but it’s also…

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matrimonio come scegliere la data

how to choose the wedding date

When it comes to getting married, choosing the date is very important: every season offers pros and cons, and you…

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come gestire la siae al proprio matrimonio

How to deal with SIAE at your wedding

The day of a wedding is always a big party where guests enjoy dancing with loud music. As you probably…

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