How to write a wedding speech

5 August 2019


A wedding is the most important event of a couple’s life. You can give a speech during a toast, after a kiss or right before having lunch (or dinner). This hard task is expected from the groom or the best man, but it can also involve any other guest like parents, brothers and so on. Sometimes people think they can’t do it because they’re shy or they don’t want to talk in front of a big audience. If you’re not sure, ask your friends and relatives for help.

Don’t panic! Some days before the wedding you should write down some notes: the speech is completely free and personal and should come from your heart.

Keep the focus

The first step is to write down a set list of what to say. Your speech needs to catch the guests’ attention: even if it’s a romantic day, don’t exceed with cheesy words. It’s better if it includes funny jokes: remember that it’s a party, so don’t be too serious. But now don’t exaggerate with too many jokes or you’ll end up like a circus show. The speech has to be catchy word after word, so don’t make it too long: 3/4 minutes are enough. If it’s not the groom who speaks, you should introduce yourself because not everyone may know you. If the groom speaks, first of all he should thank the guests. Then, he should say something about his soul mate.

A funny story

Don’t forget to tell a funny story about the couple, but don’t use critical subjects like ex-boyfriends or personal problems. You can choose to speak alone, maybe with a microphone, or use a slideshow with photos.


What are the most common problems when it comes to writing a speech? The answer is: how to start and how to end it. You should find a definitive conclusion that doesn’t leave suspense. You can end your speech thanking all the guests and adding a personal catchphrase: you can also choose among famous quotes or from personal inspiration.