The best hairstyles for a bride in 2020

25 September 2019


When it comes to the bride’s look, the hairstyle is the second most important thing after the wedding dress. It will be in the spotlight all day, during the ceremony and the party; for this reason, the choice is anything but easy! Specialized hairdressers, brochures and magazines offer a wide choice of options for long, short, medium, straight, curly and wavy hair but you have to find something that matches your ideas and wishes.

First of all, you need to consider the volume and texture of your hair: if it’s thick and curly, a chignon won’t last all day. Don’t forget also location and weather: if the wedding is outdoor and there’s wind and humidity, wearing your hair down could be annoying. Remember the style of your dress too: off shoulders or not and the veil. So clearly there are a lot of variables that influence the choice of your hairstyle. Here is a selection of the best hairstyles for a bride in 2020.

The timeless updo

This is the traditional wedding hairstyle. Every woman has dreamt at least once of getting married with this hairstyle, because it includes several variations. Among updos styles there is the chignon: low, high, rolled-up or French style. It represents a good option for straight or slightly wavy hair, long and medium: in a few steps you can have a simple but elegant hairstyle, maybe adding some movement with a couple of locks of hair or an entire tuft. Speaking of updos, we have to mention also braided hairstyles: with one or more braids you can create a real crown around your head: a simple one with some bobby pins or a sophisticated one tied to a chignon behind the head. You can also add a jewel clip or a flower, but don’t exaggerate! 


The unexpected ponytail and braid

When you see a ponytail or a braid you usually think about an everyday hairstyle. But recently, the most famous catwalks and hairstylists have enhanced them in order to show their unexpected potential. As for the ponytail, it should be very high, leaving the face open; the hair band is covered with a lock of hair and the rest of it can be straight or wavy. 

Regarding the braid, the most popular is a soft fishbone, either high or low, made on the side so it leans on a shoulder. For a bucolic effect, you can interlace a white ribbon, some flowers en pendant with the bouquet or leave a couple of locks around the ears. Both hairstyles are great for straight, curly, long and medium hair.

Half updo

The half updo is one of the most popular hairstyles during the last years among hairstylists, actresses, models and influencers. In the USA it’s called half down-half updo and it’s a versatile hairstyle especially for those who hate bobby pins and clips. You just have to twist some locks of hair from the temples to the back, tied in a little ponytail, braid or chignon. The rest of your hair can be straight, wavy, curly or natural. It’s a good hairstyle for any type of hair, even for a short one. Moreover, given the simplicity of the hairstyle, the bride can add ribbons or jewels. 


Hair down

Last but not least: loose hair. Going absolutely against the tradition, in the past years loose hair has become more and more popular among modern brides. It enhances simplicity, for those who don’t feel comfortable with sophisticated hairstyles. It’s perfect with any length and it doesn’t upset the texture of your hair.

You can also get soft and wide waves or a retro style like Rita Hayworth. You can always enrich it with a veil, flowers, a pearly clip or a Swarovski headband.