How to choose the wedding rings

26 September 2019


Organizing a wedding is not always easy. Every detail is essential and it has to be carefully planned in advance at least 5 months earlier. One of them is choosing the wedding rings. The couple has to find the right style that pleases both of them. These rings, although very small, are priceless for the couple. They have a secret and deep meaning that is passed on from generation to generation. The choice of the wedding rings is very subjective and can’t be influenced by other people. 


Price of the wedding rings

First of all, before going to the jeweler you have to set up a budget. It’s an important decision that will affect the other costs of the wedding. The etiquette requires the groom to buy the rings but in the recent years this tradition has been disappearing and many people decide to include this element in the general budget. Sometimes it can happen that the best men contribute to this purchase. The cost depends on the material and precious stones: it is usually between 300 and 800 euros. 

Material and size of the wedding rings

The material is the first thing to choose. The most used is undoubtedly gold, in any color and carats. Yellow shade is the oldest one but recently white and red/rosé gold have become popular as well. White is considered a cold color while rosé gives a warmer touch, similar to the skin. The choice of the color is extremely important because the final result of the jewel depends on that. Gold purity is not always a good point: if the ring is too big it can be easily damaged. Using gold is not compulsory, you can also choose silver, platinum and titanium. 

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Think about the size of the rings too: it has to perfectly fit your finger, not too loose or too tight. It’s usually worn 24/7 so make sure to feel comfortable with it.

Style and model of wedding rings

Wedding rings represent the couple. You and only you can choose your rings, according to your taste and budget. Models are various and different, you can find round and square rings, but also flat and well-rounded. Don’t forget the manufacture: it has to have a sort of polishing that doesn’t become mat over time. You can bring your rings to the jeweler whenever you want to have them cleaned.

Many couples decide to have a diamond set in the ring. Obviously precious stones can make the ring more beautiful and magical: that’s why we say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”! According to the tradition, the wedding rings have to be identical, but you can personalize it anyway, for example you can have a little precious stone set in the bride’s ring.

Engravings are the most popular decoration demanded instead. It’s tradition to have engraved the name of the partner and the day of the wedding. Customizations are subjective and various, for example you can have a nickname you use with your partner or a quote from your favorite love song carved in your rings. Wedding rings symbolize the essence of your love and fully represent yourselves.