DIY or travel agency honeymoon?

25 September 2019


While planning your wedding, the honeymoon is very important because it will be the first holiday as a married couple and it will certainly be unforgettable. First of all, when it comes to choose the destination you have to consider several points before making a definitive decision. In order to plan a perfect travel, here are some useful tips to follow:

  • Date of departure: set the departure date at least two days after the wedding in order to rest a while after the intense party. It would be a mistake to leave the following day without resting and organizing last-minute things.
  • Check the weather: another important thing is to check the weather in your destination during the season you’ll be travelling. Although in the past years climate changes have played some tricks, you should choose a country that will assure you warm and pleasant days, avoiding heavy rain.
  • Don’t rely on pre-organized holidays on brochures but get a tailored trip that you can adjust to your wishes and budget. In this way you can have a relax week at the end of your honeymoon and not at the beginning (like many agencies suggest).
  • Quality-price ratio: It would be great to do what you want with a limited budget. You can organize a good low-cost honeymoon with all the comforts you want.
  • Prepare documents for travelling: don’t forget to prepare all the documents needed for your trip, especially those that take months to be ready. If you’re travelling out of Europe remember to get a valid passport.


DIY honeymoon or travel agency?

DIY honeymoon

After deciding preliminary things about your honeymoon, you need to choose if you want to completely rely on a travel agency or simply do it yourself. If you like adventures, low-cost and on the road trips you should organize it yourselves. This way you can save some money and take inspiration from the internet where you can find useful ideas to personalize your holiday.

If you can manage all the problems that can occur and plan a good itinerary, you’re ready to plan your DIY honeymoon! You just need to take a look at specific websites and travel blogs in order to organize every detail according to your budget.

Relying on a travel agency

If you don’t have time to do it all by yourselves you should rely on a specialized travel agency that will help you during the organization. The advantage is that you can avoid additional stress to the wedding and you’ll have everything perfectly planned while you’re busy dealing with the ceremony, flowers, party favors and so on… 

DIY honeymoon and how to organize it

If you’re a couple that likes the adventure and you want to organize your honeymoon by yourselves you can follow some tips that will make it a lot easier. First of all, you should start by searching on the internet all the information and solutions that best suit you. The most popular tour operators like resorts, B&Bs and airlines have websites where you can easily book your trip. There are a lot of useful tools online that will help you organize your holiday: the only important thing is to start planning your honeymoon in advance in order not to overlook any detail. 

  • The best thing is to read, surf the net and focus on reviews by other travelers and newlyweds. We recommend TripAdvisor for that.
  • Write a travel journal and make notes of what comes to your mind so you can modify it anytime. This way you can keep track of what you do and the money you spend: don’t overlook any movement like transfers, public transport, tolls, parking and tickets for activities, museums etc… you should first confirm the most important things like flights and accommodation, then minor activities. 

Organizing a honeymoon by yourselves is certainly challenging but it will also let you make it personalized and special. With this method you’ll save a lot of money and get more satisfaction. Don’t forget that you can also open an online wedding registry where the guests can send you money for your honeymoon. After all, organizing a DIY honeymoon is not so impossible, you just need passion and time.