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    Luxury resort in Italy

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    Luxury resort in Italy

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    Luxury resort in Italy

Abbazia di Spineto can be defined resort if you think to resort as a place used for relaxation, vacation. One of the most desirable aspects of a resort is that visitors are freed from most daily responsibilities, which are usually taken care of by the facility’s staff. Several activities are normally offered on request at our place including massages, meals, cosmetic treatments and live entertainment.

Abbazia di Spineto’s staff strives to meet every need the guests have, allowing them to relax quietly and alternately, provides vigorous guided physical activities such as hiking or biking.

Even though there are many natural and manmade attractions in the immediate area, the resort itself is actually defined as the destination. That’s true, you can go out and just enjoy Tuscany life by driving on the amazing roads with breathtaking landscapes, or stop on a restaurant tasting wonderful wine and food, or just go inside to an important building and enjoy the architectural impact of the area.

But that’s true Tenuta di Spineto can be the spot itsself with the hugeness of the property and the uncountable possibilities inside the estate.

As resort, we offer a theme first of all: nature. Nature in all its form. Nature accompanied by silence, beauty perfumes and flavour.

But Spineto offers also secondary experiences such as spa offerings, sports activities and hiking trails that can be utilized.

Finally, we provide our guests with the best experience in being accommodated in our rooms for the night (both in the Abbey and in the villas) and we offer different and fascinating dining opportunity.

Since we focus on nature it wouldn’t be wrong to call us eco or organic resort, since we are part of this beauty and it is our task to protect it as much as possible.

We are involved on trying to reduce our carbon footprint while giving services to our guests.

Any time we have a big event giving impact to our place, we propose the reduction of our carbon footprint by planting 1 or more trees according to a technical evaluation.

But we are also very active on the matter of educating our guests about our environment, the history, the wild animals and agricultural life: we even invite our guests to follow us during the olives harvest in November, organizing beautiful dinners at the Oil mill waiting for our Extra virgin Olive Oil comes out.

Also our workshop on recycling are taken in consideration by guests and they appreciate a lot how things can be recuperated and have a new life and how they can be used on a fancy way (Imagine our jewels with recycling papers and wood).

Beauty and cleaning products in rooms are organic and coming from a little artisan producer from Florentine hills and made with all local herbs and products from those hills.

Our laundry works through our green energy produced by solar panels.

Our Extra virgin olive oil is produced in the property as well as our jams from the fruit trees.

We strongly believe that more and more people travel to see/do things in a natural environment and also that tourism and sustainability must go hand in hand.