The best yoga exercises to do in the nature

26 September 2019


Yoga is an old discipline practiced by oriental people. There are lots of benefits regarding body, mind and soul. It’s never too late to begin because the exercises are simple and easy: you’ll immediately give value to breathing and meditation. Most people live their busy lives always in a hurry and don’t rest; rushing and overlooking yourself will make you lose the true values of life. Yoga can deeply connect the elements that link men to universe. Among them, there is nature. The term “yoga” in fact means “union” or “connection”.

Benefits of doing yoga in the nature

Practicing yoga alone is certainly relaxing and if it’s done in the right location it’s even better for your body. Developing a deep bond between the earth and the environment allows you to know yourself better and make the stress go away. Outdoor yoga gives you a sensation of unity with nature also thanks to a right technique of breathing that leads you to your inner peace.

Green spaces give you several benefits such as tranquility, silence and astonishment. Nothing is more pleasant than walking barefoot in the grass while listening to the chirping of the birds. Nature, during meditation, lets you appreciate its beauties and respect for the world. You can identify yourself with blades of grass, that born and live, and find your balance.

Yoga techniques

There are lots of techniques for practicing yoga. The walking meditation is fundamental, according to Tibetan monks. In this way you have to focus on your steps and breathe in order to be concentrated in yourself. There are particular exercises for beginners: sitting cross-legged on the grass, closing your eyes and concentrating in the rhythm of your breath. The flourishing sounds of the nature will make you understand the signs of your body. Before starting you should look at the surrounding landscape, trees, sun and animals. This will make you feel involved and ready to dedicate yourself to your wellness. When you start relaxing, inner peace and tranquility will overcome your entire body and make you feel at home. 

The best yoga exercises

Among the best techniques in the nature there’s the sun salutation called Surya Namaskar. It can be done in two different moments of the day: dawn and sunset. It means abandoning to this big entity as the sun is. The ritual of the sun salutation is made of 12 asana and they vary according to the type of salute you want to do. The Surya Namaskar gives you a lot of benefits, it’s fundamental for starting or ending the day in the best way. In the morning, it boosts your muscular toning making your body more flexible. It also maintains your nervous system young and improves your breathing skills. 


Another one is the Nauli ritual. It has to be practiced on an empty stomach. In this exercise you have to focus on your abdominal muscles in order to make your body purify and strengthen that area. 

On an empty stomach you can practice Shatkarma too. You have to sit cross-legged and press your abdomen with your fingers. This practice boosts your gastric system improving the digestion. In fact, the term Shatkarma means fire. Another important technique is the head position called Shirsasana. It’s a fundamental exercise that gives a lot of benefits: it helps your posture with a good alignment of the spinal column and it also improves the circulatory system of the head, helping with problems of baldness, eyes, teeth and ears. 

Finally, an exercise for freeing your mind from thoughts and pressure is Mantra. In this case you have to whisper some words for a certain amount of time. Saying these symbols will give your body a great energy.