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    Luxury Hotel in Italy

Abbazia di Spineto offers best experiences for your holiday in Tuscany. Our focus is to give you the feeling of your private Tuscany.

Part of the estate is dedicated to agricultural activities but most of its territory is completely untouched and wild. Guest can enjoy the true spirit of these places, inhabited since ancient times, where the humans and the natural environment established to live together in harmony.

It ‘s a kind of culture, that local people from this part of tuscany, rich in popular traditions, love to respect and observe to make value of it.

Here you can enjoy walking, we reported a maps with itineraries for hiking to help guests to discover the territory.

At the hotel gardens and surroundings you can linger at one of our pools relaxing since they are built in the most private and green areas.

On request you can make yoga sessions in the middle of nature, and also relaxation, meditation and pilates.

Other activities nearby are the spa, massage and activities with regard to welfare in general.

For those more into food or wine it is possible organize cooking classes and wine tastings in hotel or during a winery tours.

The Abbey of Spineto offers several solutions in terms of accommodation.

The ancient residence of the Abbazia, Benedictine Vallombrosan Abbey, has 10 beautiful rooms and suites all decorated differently with taste, care and charm.

We don’t provide television or mini-bar in the rooms: this is a choice to maintain a certain standard of silence and relax. On the contrary on common areas, our guests can enjoy some free drinks and liquors. Our intent is to make you feel at home, and as an home you will go in one of our charming living room to share a glass of wine watching TV or listing music.

To stay at Abbazia di Spineto is not like being in a common hotel. The common areas, all of which tastefully furnished with pieces of art and design, will be the areas where you will love to linger. The courtyard, ancient cloister of the monks, and the secret garden are the places where you will relax by the sun, or read a book with birds chirping.

Not far from the Abbey, we have other 7 rooms in a country house. A more rusting house inserted in beautiful setting and charming country, next to the paddock of the horses and the breeding of Sienese pigs: calle Cinta Senese.

The country house has direct access to the pool and, a more easy situation if you have kids with you, with direct access also to a big garden.

Not only our guest house, but also a “pilgrims former home” along the Via Francigena. And that’s how we want it to continue to live in our and your imagination.

A more simple and immediate B&B, with a beautiful breakfast room with large windows and view over the lake and the surrounding countryside. Also use the swimming pool at the nearby country house.

The services that we give over the use of the pool, is the opportunity to enjoy the estate with its walks and get together organization as cooking classes, yoga classes and wine tasting.

Breakfast is served usually at this place or at the abbey: our breakfasts are always rich and tasty and always appreciated by all tastes. We often we use organic products and whenever possible they are coming from nearby producers, if not direct produced on the property.

At Spineto you can also dine by reservation in halls full of atmosphere which is a great experience to not be missed.