The best wedding videos in Tuscany

5 November 2018


Tuscany is one of the most beautiful region of Italy because of its characteristics and the style of its cities which have always existed in history like Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance, but also for its precious countrysides, with a rupestrian style that offers beautiful views of the landscapes,especially the horizon: a pleasant contrast that pays tribute to the fame of this region all over the world. Even an episode of the popular cartoon “The Simpson” was set in a countryside in Maremma.

Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca and Arezzo are some of the most important cities, not only historical centers with stunning Renaissance architectures, but also medieval villages far from the city chaos, rupestrian farmhouses and the Maremma that faces the Tyrrhenian Sea. For example, watching some wedding videos on the internet we saw “Villa il Granduca” in Prato: it offers a delightful view of the natural beauty of this region

In the following paragraphs we’ll provide you a more detailed analysis of the most fascinating places and the best videos of weddings in Tuscany.

What are the best locations to celebrate a wedding in Tuscany?

There are plenty of locations and sites where you can celebrate your wedding and Tuscany is one of the most enchanting region of Italy and the demands for bookings keep increasing, not only by celebrities, but also by normal people. The Maremma is a place of great interest: a wide countryside that spreads in the south of the region between Grosseto and Lazio boundary, a land of beautiful castles and typical products like wine, oil, cheese and meat, that joins the traditional taste with the authenticity of the Tuscan lands.

The main town Florence is certainly the most inflated city. Birthplace of the Renaissance and capital of the Kingdom of Italy in 1865, it offers a unique magical atmosphere to celebrate a wedding. On the contrary, if you prefer more relaxing sites, the city of Siena can join relax with architectural beauties between medieval walls and the wonderful piazza del Campo, a masterpiece of style that fascinates more and more couples.

Not only cities but especially towns and villages are very inflated for wedding celebrations: the Borgo di Montalcino, the Abbazia di San Galgano, the Duomo di San Gimignano and Borgo San Felice are some of the most beautiful places where you can celebrate your wedding. Not for nothing, these are the celebrities’ favorite places: they’ve been coming to this area for years to promise each other eternal love.

There a lot of videos on the internet that show the enchanting places in Tuscany, wedding videos of Italian and international celebrities which are an inspiration for those who want to spend a dreamy day in a lovely region of infinite surprises.

The best international celebrities’ wedding videos in Tuscany

The wedding of Valeria Marini and Giovanni Cottone in 2013 was one of the most followed through social medias provoking a real crowd of photographers; but it also raised discontent and stir among the people there

Tuscany is the land par excellence of orange blossom, because it offers idyllic sceneries more and more chosen by football players, politics, entrepreneurs and celebrities of any kind. Simone Inzaghi chose Borgo di Montalcino to celebrate his wedding with Gaia Lucariello. In 2016 Kimi Raikkonen chose the Abbazia di San Galgano to get married: a unique scenery located in a spectacular landscape with a grass floor and a sky ceiling.

Also the football champions of Inter team in 2010 were at Sneijder’s wedding, who chose Castel Monastero, a medieval village near Siena, to marry the beautiful model Yolanthe Cabau. The most popular wedding was celebrated in Florence in 2014 between the rapper Kanye West and the famous Kim Kardashian. A lot of people came to Forte Belvedere to peek the over sea celebrities invited at the celebration.

Among the most beautiful VIP weddings surely are those of the singer Mango with Laura Valenti and that of Luca Argentero with the now ex-wife Myriam Catania, both have chosen as their dream location for their most beautiful day the Abbey of Spineto in Sarteano in the province of Siena..

The best Italian celebrities’ wedding videos in Tuscany

Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini Simona Ventura and Stefano Bettarini got married in the majestic Duomo di San Gimignano in 1998; Bernardo Corradi and Elena Santarelli got married among the Chianti hills in Borgo San Felice. Not only Italian weddings, but also oriental celebrities celebrated huge weddings with 650 guests and mind-boggling numbers like 20 million euros spent. Tuscany is a precious Italian heritage that attracts more and more couples.

Alessandro Gassman and Sabrina Knaflitz chose San Casciano dei Bagni for an exclusive wedding with only 28 guests in 1998: the thermal location was a good luck for these two, who are still happily together. Also Gabriele Muccino and Elena Maioni chose San Casciano for their wedding. Stefano Ricucci and Anna Falchi chose Monte Argentario. The list can be longer: the Tuscan land is increasingly popular for weddings, especially for couples from all over the world.