Tips for the bride’s underwear: lingerie or classical underwear?

25 September 2019

The bride’s underwear: Is it important?

Choosing the underwear to wear the day of the wedding concerns many brides. It is actually the second most important choice, next to the wedding dress. First of all, the right underwear has to be comfortable with all the movements during the day. It must be as practical as possible. The wedding lingerie should either shape you and make you feel comfortable. 

How to choose the bride’s underwear?

When choosing the underwear, you shouldn’t be distracted: you can’t wear something random under your wedding dress! You have to consider some elements such as the shape of the dress, neckline, transparency, colors, style, material, texture and embroideries. You will certainly receive some help from a shop assistant in a specific atelier. 

First of all, knickers must be comfortable, soft, smooth and without elastic bands that show unaesthetic effects on your hips. You should choose silk or microfiber materials. They have to leave free glutes and hips, so they should be adherent and low-cut. If you’re wearing a wide skirt, you can use knickers with embroideries and transparencies. Tights should be thin and sheer. The color has to be similar to the dress. If you want to be more sensual you can wear stockings. 


Garters and guépière tights are sexier and more comfortable than stockings. They make your thighs look thinner and tonic. As for the bra, you should keep in mind the dress neckline. The best choice is the one tied on the waist in order to improve your shape. You can also wear self-supporting silicon cups but if you’re not used to it, they could seem uncomfortable. They are recommended for dresses that enhance your waist. As far as it regards the garter, you can wear it only if you have a wide skirt and not with a tight dress. The color is usually white but you could also choose ivory. The material can be microfiber, cotton or silk according to the style of the dress and your taste. Anyway, make sure that the underwear can’t be seen under the dress.

What’s the best underwear for every outfit?

It’s important to consider the style and shape of the wedding dress because the lingerie helps its fit. Some particular styles require a specific type of underwear. If you’re getting married in winter, tights should be heavier but not very covering. If the dress is mermaid-style with a fascinating neckline, you can wear a spanx, a balconnet or a strapless push-up that emphasizes your curves.


For imperial-style dresses with a V-neckline and wide skirts we recommend a tight bodice or a leotard with a deep cleavage. If you wear a tight dress you should use microfiber lingerie. With a lace dress we suggest a bralette: a type of bra with a deep V-neckline without padding and underwire. With a sophisticated dress with embroidery and lace you should wear a lace bra. Finally, if you choose a silk sheath dress you should wear simple underwear with no seam.

Trendy lingerie or classical underwear?

Don’t forget your taste and the moments of the day. We suggest to use different lingerie during the ceremony and the first wedding night. For the ceremony, make sure to feel comfortable. For the night, go for a bold and sensual style. The wedding night requires a white, ivory or antique rose underwear. We advise against transparency, dressing gowns, petticoats, corsets and baby dolls.