Tips for losing weight before the wedding

26 March 2019


A wedding is the most important event in a couple’s life, and both the man and the woman want to be in a perfect shape. This short guide wants to give some tips to those who need to lose weight before their wedding.

1. Follow an appropriate diet

Eating healthy makes the couple get a great shape. Here are some simple suggestions. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, must include whole grain dry biscuits, oatmeal or wheat based; as an alternative, you can eat toasted bread with jam or honey. As a drink, orange juice, a coffee or a cup of tea.

We also recommend to have two little snacks (in the morning and in the afternoon) eating a light yogurt and some dried fruit (nuts, almonds, hazelnuts); at lunch, you’re allowed to eat quinoa, spelt, barley, rice, white meat (chicken and turkey), bluefish, fresh cheese and vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, peas, beans). The golden rules for a healthy and correct diet can be summarized in:

  • Varying nutrition
  • A long food chewing, because digestion begins in your mouth
  • Eat light, little and frequent meals
  • Don’t skip any meal (especially breakfast)
  • Limit the use of salt (it’s the primary cause of fluid retention and rise of blood pressure)
  • Reduce dressings (mayonnaise, mustard) and grease
  • Restrict cold cuts, pre-cooked food and soft drinks
  • Eat seasonal fruit and vegetables in order to facilitate gastrointestinal transit
  • Limit alcoholic drinks (wine, beer) during meals
  • Moderate desserts

A diet like this gives fast benefits and brides can quickly notice the difference in front of the mirror: face skin appears brighter and more elastic and cellulitis looks reduced.

2. Change your lifestyle

A correct nutrition needs to be combined with a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to get rid of bad habits (tobacco, alcohol) and do physical exercise. Choose an aerobic sport (running or bicycle) that makes you burn a lot of calories (the exact amount depends on activity, intensity and duration), develop muscles and have a good metabolism; otherwise, we recommend long walks outdoor. For those who don’t like sports, it’d be good to use public transport or a bike rather than a car.

Tips for losing weight before the wedding

3. Sleep enough

Sleeping at least 8 hours per night is fundamental to reach your goal. Some studies claim that sleeping just 4/5 hours is dangerously not enough. As a consequence, there are alterations in the carbs metabolism that could cause an increase of sugar level in blood; the person risks to develop diabetes mellitus type 2 while sugar turns into fat. A low night rest also causes the rise of cortisol levels (stress hormone) with negative results in basal metabolism and lean body mass. The points to follow are:

  • Wake up and fall asleep at the same time (including in the weekend)
  • Don’t use nicotine or coffee-based drinks 5 hours before going to bed
  • Reduce intense physical exercise after 6pm
  • Eat a light dinner made of white meat and fresh seasonal vegetables
  • Don’t use tablet or computer before going to bed: the light coming from the screen alters your sleeping schedule
  • Rest in an appropriate space (dark, quiet and with a temperature around 20°).

4. Drink enough water

Drinking water is necessary in order to feel better and facilitate the loss of weight. Introducing liquids determines a gastric expansion with a sense of satiety. The amount of water has to be controlled by a nutritionist; the right dose depends on various elements:

  • Age
  • Physical exercise
  • Season
  • Possible diseases

In general, drinking 2 liters of water a day is good. It facilitates the drainage of extra liquids and provides mineral salts. Those who don’t have particular needs can drink tap water, while it’s always a good idea to cut down on the use of mineral water that causes bloating.