10 mistakes that a bride shouldn’t make

11 April 2019


Many people say that a wedding is the most important day of someone’s life. It’s obviously true, but it’s also a very stressful day. There are so many things to organize, prepare, arrange and it’s quite difficult to keep track of everything. Here are some tips for avoiding 10 common mistakes.

1. Being open to any option

Generally, being open to everything is a good quality; but actually, being influenced by circumstances and not having specific ideas is a big mistake. For example, the choice of the menu: trying several dishes in various restaurants is a routine, but it’s really difficult to choose something if you don’t have anything in mind. Too many options can confuse you, so it’s better to exclude beforehand some things.

2. Demanding perfection

This is one of the most common mistakes. Everyone thinks that it should be a perfect day but you should start to believe that perfection doesn’t exist. The couple has to forgive light mistakes and be able to accept any problem they have to face.

Doing everything by yourself

Organizing a wedding by yourself is not easy at all and can be very expensive. There are low cost weddings and restrained parties, but some things have to be done carefully. Some brides think that the DIY is the best option in order to save money and they start all by themselves with a block notes and a pen. This is great for writing down goals, desires, limits and key points; but it’s also true that relying on a wedding planner is certainly better. Doing all by yourself is extremely stressful and counterproductive. The bride should ask for help her friends, relatives and parents too.

4. Delegating other people

There are also opposite situations. Some brides prefer delegating everything to other people and dealing with the organization the least they can. Paying professional people for managing catering, flowers and decorations can be quite expensive, but don’t forget that you are getting married, not them: they will never understand what to do without your indications . Some things need to be decided by the couple, not by the others. A wedding with no personality is sad and boring.


5. Being content and not follow your dreams

As said above, some mistakes are related to the personalization of a wedding. Brides that let other people organize their wedding tend to settle for their choices. Someone getting married surely has dreams, ambitions and desires that have to be followed in order to make the celebration personalized. The bride should never settle for something she doesn’t like .

6. Choosing inappropriate dress and make-up

The personalization of a wedding can be seen in the location, decorations, menu and obviously the bride herself. For a woman, it’s extremely important to choose accurately the dress and make-up because they represent her character. Wearing a dress which is different from your personality or an unusual make-up will make you feel uncomfortable.

7. Overlooking details

With so many things to do, keeping track of everything is particularly hard. Often small details are overlooked and can influence the outcome of the wedding. A bride should organize her thoughts and goals in an agenda and make sure to follow the list. A little oversight, like her shoes or his tie, can affect negatively the ceremony and atmosphere so remember to keep track of every detail.

8. Panicking

When things don’t go as planned, panicking is easy, but also normal. The bride shouldn’t be too strict with herself: she has to keep calm an try not to be overwhelmed. We suggest you ask your friends and family for help because stress can affect badly your event.

9. . Following an unnatural diet

Many brides think that they need to follow a strict diet before the wedding in order to lose some weight. Following an inappropriate and different diet is a huge mistake that can be dangerous. The bride is stressed by the general organization and needs to eat healthy. Following a diet obsessively can lead to the opposite result and make you gain weight. Skin and hair too can be affected.

10. Turning nervousness into rudeness

Finally, during your wedding it’s a big mistake letting your nervousness influence your behavior. Being a bit stressed is normal because it’s one of the most important days of your life, but nervousness can change your behavior: you could forget things to do, arrive late and so on… try to avoid this silly mistake. The bride should always remember to be on time, welcome and greet the guests. The positive outcome of a wedding starts from the couple’s happiness!