How to organize a wedding with a civil ceremony

17 October 2018


How to organize a wedding with a civil ceremony Not everyone chooses the traditional wedding in a church and some decide to get married with just a civil ceremony. There are various reasons: none of the two is religious or they have different religions or they want to celebrate in a different location instead of the one intended by the religion.

Premise: this ritual is as valid as the traditional ceremony. Here is how to organize a wedding with a civil ceremony step by step.

Enquire for publications

First step in organizing a wedding with a civil ceremony is the request of publications in your town hall. Once the city council determines the conditions and goes through paperwork, it will release the wedding publications valid for the next 180 days. As the Italian law specifies, after 4 days from the sign of the publications you’ll get the go-ahead for your wedding.

L'atto della firma in un Matrimonio civile...

Choose the location

Most of the ceremonies take place in the town hall. You can also choose a judge’s room or a lawyer’s office, maybe with some floral decoration. But if you don’t like these locations, you can choose outdoor places or sophisticated buildings for your civil wedding. Generally the city council provides the couple with a garden for the ceremony, but you can also choose an old castle, a vintage estate or a luxurious villa.

Decide the music and the readings

Usually civil ceremonies are shorter than the traditional ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your event. Any interesting idea? Play your favorite song or write something down to read out loud. Choose something meaningful for you and your partner.

Choose the best men

Being the best man is very important so choose carefully among your friends and relatives. If you’re thinking about more than one person, remember that for a civil ceremony you just need one best man: one for the bride and one for the groom. Choosing more than one is like having an “illegal best man”: he/she can’t sign anyway.

Think about the right outfit

come sposarsi al comune

Since it’s a civil ceremony, you’re not supposed to wear the traditional white dress. This kind of ceremony allows you to do whatever you like when it comes to style, colors and materials. The latest trend avoids grandiose wedding dresses with long trains: an elegant jumpsuit or a tailleur will be fine.

Who celebrates a civil ceremony?

Weddings in the town hall are often celebrated by a registrar: mayor, deputy mayor, councilman, alderman and so on. However, according to the new Italian law, any Italian citizen with political and civil rights can celebrate a wedding. This means that the celebrant can be anyone close, as long as he/she follows every formality planned by the protocol.

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