Wedding tables set up: how to

2 October 2018


The day of your wedding is the most important day of your life: things to decide, choose and prepare often cause stress to the couple. One of the hardest and stressful thing to decide is how to dispose tables. This preparation is really important for the party success: we suggest you start only when all the guests have confirmed the invitation.

Choice of tables

Once you chose the location, seek information about the type of tables available for setting up the room. Tables can have different shapes: rounded, rectangular and squared and can accept from 2 to 12 people. Generally, the most popular shape is rounded: these tables are elegant, they’re easy to decorate and allow the guests to talk easily with each other. This kind of tables makes the room more harmonious and, if the celebration is outdoor, they give a sense of elegance to the location. On the other hand, rectangular tables are great for more personal weddings, when the guests are less than 50.

choice of tables

Tables can be disposed T-shaped or U-shaped: choose the second one if you want people to dance. This type of arrangement is very suggestive for outdoor weddings: they make you revive the atmosphere of weddings in the past, often celebrated in farmyards.

Another important point is making sure that there’s enough space between a table and another so that people can move easily. A common choice is using tables with different number of seats so as to make the placement easier. If you want people to dance, make sure that the dance floor is in the middle of the room and the tables surround it. In this case, guests can enjoy the show and take part in it.

Guests division

To deal with this step easily we suggest you are patient and try to use the “post-it game”. Once you chose the location, get a map of the location and draw the tables. Then, buy colored post-it notes and markers. Make sure that the guests list is definitive, make a coffee (or tea), and begin the game. Match every color with a different category of people, for example relatives, friends, colleagues etc., take the list and write down the names.

Guests division

Now dispose the post-it notes on the tables drawn on the map. This method will let you move easily your guests from a table to another. Leave a margin for last-minute changes.

Guests organization

The first table to think about is your table: you can follow the etiquette and sit either near your parents and best men, only your best men or alone. This is the most suitable option for letting people getting closer and avoiding leaving people alone when you go around taking photos. When choosing the seats, make sure that everyone feels comfortable.

hen you choose your relatives’ seats, you could place your parents, grandparents and aunt and uncle together; while your cousins could sit on another table. Place the kids all together, maybe with an entertainer who can play with them and let the adults enjoy the event. Always be careful placing at the same table people who don’t get on with each other: this could ruin the general atmosphere. Also pay attention to old people: they usually don’t like noise and prefer staying far from the dj set.

tavoli per matrimonio

Tables decoration

Choose a theme based on your preferences to personalize the tables, for example movie titles, singers, book titles and so on. Don’t forget to copy them on the tableau de marriage. This will let your guests find easily where their seats are. In addition, think about decorations that can match the theme. Have a talk with the staff of the location and decide where to dispose the tables.

Their experience and professionalism will assure you a great result. Be unique and sophisticated, but don’t get carried away: exaggeration is never a good point in a celebration and simplicity is often related to elegance. Remember that the moment you live the best day of your life you’ll forget everything that makes you nervous and you’ll enjoy it without any problem.