how to choose the wedding date

26 March 2019


When it comes to getting married, choosing the date is very important: every season offers pros and cons, and you have to choose carefully.

Getting married in autumn or winter

Getting married in a cold season is not very popular; the weather scares the couple and they may not be happy to celebrate only indoor. The temperature, the indoor party and heavy clothes are strong elements that may discourage the couple and their guests. However, this type of wedding is getting more and more popular because it’s cheap and unusual.

At first sight, the choice of the wedding dress may seem hard, but don’t forget that a high-necked dress with long sleeves is the most elegant one. You can also add accessories like a wool scarf, a velvet coat, gloves and so on… the location must be indoor: you can choose among old villas, historical houses, farmhouses with a warm fireplace or picturesque chalets.
Rooms can me decorated with romantic candles, flashlights and lamps.

Floral decorations must be composed of ornamental plants of the season like berries, pinecones, spruce sticks, ranunculus flowers, hyacinth and daffodils.The best colors are white and ivory, along with some silver tones.


Getting married in spring

Spring is the most popular time because of its warm weather that lets you stay outside. Days are longer, colors are bright, natures smells good: this is the best time to get married. The wedding dress can be lighter, made of colored and fancy materials; beyond the traditional white, you can also wear neutral colors like ivory and beige, or light rose, yellow and blue. If you choose a total white dress, you can add colored shoes.

As for the bouquet, you’re spoiled for choice: during spring you can choose any flower you like. As far as it regards the hairstyle, you can go for a floral decoration with a simple bohémienne crown or a flower in your hair. The groom as well could wear a floral bowtie!

The location can be a large villa with wide external spaces, maybe with gazebos or awnings where you can get appetizers. Floral decorations are usually put in wicker baskets and consist of roses, ranunculus, peonies, tulips and jasmines. The invitations should follow the spring atmosphere, with flowers, leaves, butterflies and ribbons.

Getting married in summer

Scented and colored, with long and bright days: summer is a very popular season among couples who are going to get married. The hot weather inspires the wedding dress and floral decorations. The bride’s dress needs to be very light and with short sleeves. The hairstyle can consist of delicate flowers.

When you choose the location, consider the high temperature that could be a problem during the buffet: go for villas in the nature where the weather is a bit cooler and there’s a swimming pool. It’s necessary to provide an indoor space, where you can offer the buffet. Appetizers and cake are fine outside, maybe under the shadow of trees or gazebos. The menu should be simple and light, with cold dishes and snacks with a lot of vegetables and fruit. The cake as well should be fruit-based or better, with ice cream.