guida breve matrimoni gay italia

Guide for gay weddings in Italy

In February 2016 the senate approved a law that allows civil unions between people of the same sex. Since it’s…

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How to organize a unique bachelorette party

If your best friend is about to get married and you have to organize her bachelorette party, don’t panic! It’s…

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Who pays what in a traditional wedding?

Nowadays weddings have changed and so has the organization. Some time ago couples followed traditions that wanted a strict division…

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idee sposarsi senza abito sposa bianco

7 rules for good manners at your ceremony

Although modern weddings don’t follow traditions anymore, there are some etiquette rules that are fundamental and evergreen. Either you’re the…

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matrimonio come scegliere la data

how to choose the wedding date

When it comes to getting married, choosing the date is very important: every season offers pros and cons, and you…

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scelta auto per il matrimonio

What car to choose for your wedding? A guide to the right choice

Choosing a car for your wedding is another important step in organizing your ceremony. When organizing a wedding, the choice…

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matrimonio arcobaleno toscana

The best facilities for a rainbow wedding in Tuscany

The Italian legal system doesn’t approve weddings between same-sex couples, but it’s not forbidden by the Italian law. Nevertheless, from…

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