matrimonio wanderlust

A wanderlust wedding is the latest trend for travel lovers

Choosing a theme for your wedding is the first thing to think about when you start organizing it. The latest trend…

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matrimonio all'italiana

Traditions for a true Italian-style wedding

Italy is a country full of traditions, especially regarding marriages. Nowadays, many people avoid traditions because they want to feel…

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come organizzare un matrimonio rock

How to organize a rock wedding

You’re a rock-addicted and you want to be bold and transgressive on the day of your wedding too? We guess…

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requisiti matrimonio in italia per stranieri

Requirements to get married in Italy if you are foreigners

Italy is one of the most popular destinations chosen by couples who want to get married: perfect weather, amazing cities…

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come organizzare un matrimonio vegano

How to organize a vegan wedding: tips and ideas

Planning a wedding requires time and attention to every detail. Especially if it’s a vegan wedding you need to take care…

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quando iniziare i preparativi per il matrimonio

When to start organizing your wedding?

A wedding is one of the most important days in someone’s life and after a long preparation the couple will…

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10 errori che una sposa non deve commettere

10 mistakes that a bride shouldn’t make

Many people say that a wedding is the most important day of someone’s life. It’s obviously true, but it’s also…

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migliori citazioni matrimonio

Romantic sentences and quotes/verses from the bible you can read at a wedding

A marriage represents the final goal for a couple that wants to confirm their love. Obviously, they want to make…

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idee menu matrimonio vegetariano

Ideas and suggestions for a vegetarian wedding

Either for a trend or for ethical reasons, if you want a vegetarian wedding you should know that you’ll have…

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The importance of a spiritual retreat for a couple

Spiritual retreats are moments where you can explore ascetic themes in order to facilitate the couple’s intimacy or the relationship…

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