The importance of a spiritual retreat for a couple

26 March 2019


Spiritual retreats are moments where you can explore ascetic themes in order to facilitate the couple’s intimacy or the relationship between man and God. This reality represents strong and decisive experiences that help the participants go away from the everyday life, putting aside problems and worries in order to get to know a new dimension: silence, meditation, worship. The word “retreat” stands for the aim of this experience: a temporary distancing from your existence to focus on yourself and find solutions to unsolved questions.

Meaning of spiritual retreat

A retreat generally lasts one or two weeks and takes place in isolated and calm locations, such as monasteries or convents, where the silence reigns supreme. During the retreat you’ll be offered various activities: educational moments, group works, individual and collective worship, meditational moments. It’s not just a religious exercise, it’s something deeper and meaningful where people stay together and share their emotions.

Who is it addressed to?

To anyone who is really interested in taking part in this activity and wants to widen their mind and heart.

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Regardless of the age, economic or professional condition, lifestyle and traditions, this experience of sharing emotions offers the participants a fundamental tool for facing their problems and fears. Usually these people are couples who want to think about their lives together and help each other.

Recommended locations for a spiritual retreat

Silence and meditation are two fundamental elements of a spiritual retreat. It’s an occasion for spending a holiday in great facilities that make this experience unique and unforgettable. Typical locations are: monasteries, convents, abbeys, hermitages and sanctuaries. They’re often isolated and immersed in nature.

You can go for a retreat also in a luxurious hotel where you can find specific spaces for this kind of meeting. There are many facilities that provide a relaxing stay, with meditations and worship, but also a deepening in your favorite themes. These structures are usually isolated and offer basic services for the best kind of experience.

-Importance of a spiritual retreat for a couple

Importance of a spiritual retreat for a couple

In particular, this experience is targeted at those couples who want to improve their dialogue and relationship, facing with God too. A couple’s life is often influenced by the exhausting everyday routine, made of appointments, efforts and familiar problems, especially if the family includes children. A family should be based on love, which also includes: altruism, availability, willingness to listen to the others and open-mindedness, in particular towards your partner. One of the goals of a spiritual retreat is to be aware of your role in the couple and understand that you’re not just an individual.

To reach this goal, both of them have to do a deep self-analysis and research in themselves so as to discover their problems and solve them with the partner’s aid. It’s a long and complicated process that can’t last just one or two weeks: at the end a spiritual retreat gives the couple tools for carrying on with what it had taught at first.

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A common drawback is that people close in themselves because they don’t feel understood enough. A spiritual retreat teaches how to listen and understand other people, because someone in trouble needs a warm welcome and positive vibes.

Once you understand this path, the journey towards happiness and harmony will be much easier. This awareness leads to opening to the others and a correct integration in the society. “no man is an island”: from here you can build happiness for a couple.