come organizzare un matrimonio bilingue

How to organize a bilingual wedding

Bilingual couples are increasing and so are bilingual weddings. Cultures, languages and stories during a wedding are an extraordinary event,…

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Why rely on a wedding planner

Nowadays more and more people decide to rely on a wedding planner, a role model in the organization of a…

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5 reasons for organizing a wedding in autumn

Your partner proposed you to marry him, and now what? The first step is choosing a day for your wedding:…

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How to choose the perfect hairstyle for your wedding

Chignon, braid or ponytail? When it comes to choosing an hairstyle for your wedding, many doubts can occur. This is…

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riso matrimonio

Why do we throw rice at weddings?

Throwing rice to the couple at the end of the celebration is a tradition. Generally, when we decide to follow…

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partecipazioni matrimonio di classe

Wedding invitations: how to invite with style

Have you just started organizing the wedding with the invitations? Find out everything you need to know to organize your…

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Wedding dress code: what to wear according to your role

The dress code gives important rules about how to dress up for important events. Following its simple rules is fundamental!…

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consigli su come strutturare una lista di nozze

Tips for writing a wedding list

The wedding is one of the most important moment in your life: there are plenty of things to decide and…

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