How to organize a serenade before a wedding

4 July 2019


Singing is a way to express your feelings and it has always been the most direct way to declare your love to a woman. A serenade before a wedding has been a tradition since the Middle Age because chevaliers used to sing to their ladies. Dedicating one or more songs to a woman is not embarrassing, but it’s an honest declaration of love and faithfulness. In order to make it special, you should organize carefully your serenade.

The nightingale or the crow’s song?

A serenade should be performed outside the bride’s house, even better under a balcony, thinking of “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare. But there could be some problems: the groom should have a good voice, or play an instrument, and have a good presence that can maintain the general performance. If you lack these qualities you can hire musicians and singers to help you with the song, otherwise you can do it on your own and create a choreography with your friends.

mariachi wedding

Logistic preparation

Before performing a serenade you should consider other problems that may occur. First of all, the location: there could be bad weather or not enough space. Secondly, don’t do it the night before the wedding because it would be too predictable. If the bride’s house is a problem, you can ask her parents and friends to take her to another place. If it’s winter, you should rent a room; if it’s summer, you can go on the seaside or in the middle of a forest with lights on the trees. Remember that if you’re doing it outside her house, you should warn the neighbors about the noise and be careful to do it early, possibly not after 11pm. Don’t forget essential tools like instruments, speakers and cables.

The performance

serenata stile balcanico

… o anche una serenata in stile balcanico per un wanderlust wedding

After planning the necessary things, it’s time to choose the song: we suggest you sing more than one song, but also don’t use too many: the right amount is from 3 to 6, chosen from the best representative of your love life. Avoid sad songs with a melancholic melody! You can add either slow songs and lively ones.


Making your woman happy is simple if you really know her. During the serenade, you can wear the same clothes you were wearing the day of your first date or you can hold some flowers. Don’t forget local traditions: in some regions the groom should offer glasses of wine to the audience, while in others the bride’s parents should prepare a little feast. In other areas, the bride should throw a rose down the balcony. In any case, a serenade before the wedding is the last declaration of love a man can do before getting married.