8 tips for the bride’s makeup

4 July 2019


What is the perfect makeup for a bride during the most important day of her life? First of all, the makeup has to be light and simple in order to enhance the bride’s pure beauty. Secondly, it has to be resistant because it should last at least 12 hours: from the morning when the bride gets dressed to the evening when everything is over. Another important point is that the bride’s face should look photogenic. Here 8 tips for your wedding makeup

1. Makeup base: primer, foundation and blush

Before starting putting makeup on you should apply a primer: it’s a lotion or cream that improves the coverage and makes the makeup last longer. After that, you should apply a light foundation in order to brighten your face; you can apply it with your fingers or with a brush. Finally, you should use a satin face powder that gives a sparkling effect to your face, shoulders, neck and hands too.

Eyes makeup. Light and simple

If you’re wearing a white dress your makeup must be light and delicate, otherwise you can use brighter colors with a black or red dress. Generally the most popular colors are golden beige, mauve red, antique pink and pearl grey. You can use an eyeliner as well, but the line has to be very thin. Don’t forget to use waterproof makeup in case of tears. Use a warm colored eyeshadow if you are blonde and fair-skinned, or a cooler one if your hair is darker.

Fake or natural eyelashes?

If your eyelashes are not so thick you can use fake ones, but be careful! They shouldn’t look too long and unnatural: the secret is that they don’t seem fake. If you already have thick eyelashes you just need a good waterproof mascara that enhances them.

Lips with lipstick and gloss

The lipstick has to match the whole makeup. Sometimes the bride wants a red lipstick that matches the bouquet but it’s actually better to wear a lighter color or a simple lip gloss that makes your lips shiny. For a long-lasting lipstick you should first apply a specific primer.

Facial spray

A facial spray is used to define the makeup and to make it long-lasting.


We suggest you bring a face powder and lipstick if you want to revive your makeup. But don’t touch your eyes!

Follow the bride’s orders

In general, brides receive help by professional makeup artists, but sometimes they want an unusual makeup (especially if they’re having a themed wedding) and they must be satisfied in any case.


Makeup test

Don’t forget to have some makeup tests with a professional, ask for recommendations and get what you really like.

3 mistakes to avoid

There are important things that you should totally avoid during your wedding. For example, you shouldn’t use something too different from your usual makeup because it could have a strong impression on you.

Sometimes people use face masks and creams for the first time a couple of days before the wedding and that is a big mistake because there might be products that can irritate your skin. Finally, don’t look at too many makeup magazines because you could be more confused than before.