The best movies about weddings

23 April 2019


There are a lot of romantic movies and women particularly appreciate them because of their dreamy side. Thanks to these movies many people have taken inspiration for their weddings. Here is a list of the best movies about weddings.

Comic movies about weddings

If you’re waiting for the big day, you can spend some time watching these funny movies about weddings.

  • A real cult is : “Father of the bride”. The general plot is about Annie who is going to marry her big love Bryan, but it mainly shows the reaction of her father and the organization of the wedding. This movies makes you understand the complexity of the event because everything has to be taken care of carefully.
  • Another unforgettable movie is Another unforgettable movie is““My big fat Greek wedding”” this movie as well is about a confusing wedding and hilarious and embarrassing moments.
  • “Big wedding” is a recent comedy where the groom’s adoptive parents pretend to be happy together but in the end their son discovers everything.
  • “Monster-in-law” with Jennifer Lopez, talks about a an intrusive mother that tries to ruin her daughter-in-law’s wedding and even risks to make the couple split.
  • “Wedding crashers” is one of the most appreciated comedies by men and women: two young boys crash any wedding party of unknown people until something goes wrong.
My big fat Greek wedding

My big fat Greek wedding”


  • “The hangover”, number one comedy, talks about a crazy bachelor party night. In the end, everything ends up all right and the lovely groom can finally enjoy his wedding.

Romantic movies about weddings

There are a lot of romantic movies about weddings with a top-quality cast. The best wedding-themed movies are certainly:

  • “Runaway bride” is a cult from the 90s with the beautiful Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It’s great for those who are planning a wedding in the countryside with a shabby-chic style.
  • “My best friend’s wedding”, Julia Roberts acts again in My best friend’s wedding: here you can find funny jokes and amazing costumes.
  • “27 dresses”, shows the wedding from the point of view of a bridesmaid that attends every wedding she’s invited to.
  • “Four weddings and a funeral”, iis another cult from the 90s with Hugh Grant. He attends four weddings with four different styles and locations: it’s great for taking inspirations.
  • Finally, in Sex and the city, Carrie has an unhappy wedding because she’s left at the altar, but it’s worth seeing it because of the awesome costumes.
Le attrici di "Sex and the cuty"

“Sex and the city”

Italian movies about weddings

Watching movies set in Italy is great for getting to know typical Italian landscapes and cities.

Some tips

SWedding-themed movies are hundreds! In order to take inspirations about buffet, ceremony, location and party, you should already have something in your mind beforehand. Nowadays there are lots of themes and styles: traditional, modern, shabby chic, fancy, informal, in a city or at the beach. After watching these movies you’ll certainly come up with good ideas for you wedding.