How to organize an outdoor team building event for your employees

10 July 2019


A team building is a serious activity that has to be developed carefully. Interesting activities are as important as a good location that encourages fun and integration. If you want to create a useful team working activity you should ask experts that can guarantee your employees a total professional growth.

Types of outdoor events

A company team building is great for improving work performances. These are some ideas to help you organize an awesome event:

  • Business happy hour – an informal event where your employees gather together in a beautiful location, chat and share information
  • Treasure hunt – this kind of event helps people connect and work together. It’s a funny motivation with different goals and prizes.
  • Book club – creating a club where people can share their opinions about books is a useful idea. You can also divide the event into different genres.
  • Murder mystery dinner – what’s more entertaining than a business party with a hunt for the killer? It’s fun and involving, especially for young employees.
  • Dinner in the dark – it’s a sensorial experience to enhance your skills but also a fun event for more formal contexts. You can also have food and wine tasting.
  • Charitable event – nothing is better than a charitable event that involves local charities. It’s a good way to fight stress, share positive values and calm down.
  • Masked party – everyone loves disguising, not only during carnival. Your employees will certainly appreciate a themed party that could inspire them for their job.


Key words of a team building event: fun and communication

The first thing you have to choose is whether host an indoor or outdoor event. As far as it regards an indoor event, the space you can use is quite limited; while in an outdoor event you can have endless possibilities. Team building events are useful for improving confidence in a team, developing creativity and resolving problems. The best moments to have a team building are:

  • When there’s a big change in the company
  • To celebrate goals and achievements
  • To strengthen the business team

This type of event helps develop listening skills, values and team spirit.

Choosing the perfect location

Possibilities are endless: you can stay at the mountain or at the sea, in an fancy building or in a peaceful atmosphere. You should choose carefully depending on the type of experience you want.

  • Luxury location: this type of location is great if you want to invite customers and top managers. It could be misleading if you want to encourage your employees’ relationship. You could organize a little finger food buffet for an exclusive atmosphere.
  • Rural location: for a funnier event, you should provide a comfortable and relaxing location. This is particularly useful for informal communication and games among your employees.
  • Hotel: this location is halfway between the previous ideas. Here you can organize any type of event, there’s space inside and outside, you can stay overnight and the staff is prepared and qualified.

The important thing is to be organized: make a to-do list, give tasks to reliable people, manage appointments and get a feedback from the participants. A team building event is one of the best activities a company can plan for its employees and it’s important to take care of details in order to make it unforgettable.