How to organize a wedding for millennials

23 May 2019


Sometimes it looks like there are less and less weddings, but it is not true actually. Nowadays marriage is still very important even for young people who are always looking for a personal style, far from fairytales.

Who are the Millennials?

With the word Millennials we mean anyone who was born between 1980 and 1995: this generation tends to delay their wedding date because of long studies and a lack of economic stability.

How weddings have changed with the Millennials generation

The Millennials is a generation of people connected to social networks: this leads to a bigger awareness, not only personal, but also universal. First of all, Millennials really care about the environment and choose km 0 products or “environmentally-friendly” things. For this reason, more and more people choose the DIY (Do It Yourself) when it comes to party favors or the setting up: this means respect for the environment and a low budget. In the meantime, people avoid classical and traditional locations and go for innovative ones like in the middle of nature.

Nowadays the internet is so important to us that it’s where weddings start to be planned. On the one hand, lots of wedding planner started to take advantage of this new tool and manage to satisfy their customers online as well. On the other hand, many people prefer the DIY, maybe with the help of their friends and family. In general, people tend to personalize their wedding with their personal tastes and passions and that’s what makes a wedding unique.

The importance of internet connection

Since the Millennials have grown up surfing the internet, we can’t think about an “offline” wedding. That’s why many couples decide to set up an online area when their guests can post pictures, maybe with a personal frame and hashtag. These years the vintage Polaroid has become a new trend for taking creative pictures where all the guests can have fun and strike funny poses.

Wedding focus: lunch and dress

The main part of a wedding is the lunch that can determine the successful (or unsuccessful) outcome of the party. If you want to surprise your guests, you can focus on finger food, especially for the happy hour and appetizers. Finger food is certainly easier to manage and cheaper. Despite this, you shouldn’t totally avoid tradition: you can have traditional dishes made with revisited recipes.

Also the wedding cake is slowly changing: it’s usually replaced with little cakes or single-serve desserts. The dress too has changed: some time ago the bride had to wear a white dress and the groom a black suit but now there are no more rules to follow. For example, women often wear colored dresses from lilac and rose to red and black. Men as well tend to break the old rules and go bold with strange colors.