How to choose the wedding dress: 8 tips to follow

17 October 2018


If deciding your wedding dress makes you nervous, relax and take a breath. The perfect dress for you exists and we’re sure that you’ll find it. To be prepared, here are some suggestions for choosing your wedding dress.

#1 DON’T reserve an appointment at the end of the day

Reserve you appointment in the morning: the shop will be less crowded and the shop assistant will be all yours. If your appointment is the first one of the day you’ll be more relaxed and you’ll have plenty of time. Moreover, the staff will have all the attention for you.

#2 Set a budget

It’s not good talking about money, but this choice will save you in the future. Decide how much you want to spend and tell the consultant to show you only dresses you can afford: you’ll avoid falling in love with a dress you can’t buy. Consider that, in the organization of a wedding, the cost of the dress, the lingerie, the bridal veil and other accessories represent the 10-15% of the total amount. Keep also a mini-budget for extras, like modifications of the dress.

consigli per l abito da sposa

#3 Do everything on time

Start organizing 6/9 months before the wedding. Keep in mind that it takes about 4 months to realize a wedding dress and other 2 months for changes: it takes even more for elaborated dresses. Is the day getting closer? Some shops gives the possibility to buy last-minute, but it’s more expensive and the choice is limited.

#4 Choose the right style for you

The details are important: a line of pearl buttons or a cute flounce can make a difference. But before focusing on details, think about the best style for you. Don’t be distracted by the latest trends, don’t choose a dress just because it’s trending. Concentrate on your personal style.

#5 Take care of the top part of the dress

A long wedding dress with an elegant edge is certainly a breathtaking outfit, but remember that people mostly notice the top part of the dress, just like the photographer.

#6 Consider several possibilities

Wedding consultants say that generally brides have a firm idea about their wedding dress and when they try something on, they are disappointed because it doesn’t reflect their preferences. It’s good beginning with an idea, but keep your mind open and consider every possibility: your dreamy dress could be totally different from the one you’ve always dreamed of.

il look perfetto per la sposa

#7 Take a photo of yourself wearing the wedding dress

Don’t completely rely on the mirror and make sure that the dress looks good in a picture as well; remember, mirrors are used to make you buy the dress while the camera doesn’t lie. If the boutique lets you do it (not every shop lets you take a photo of the dress), strike a pose and tell your friend to take a photo of you.

#8 Decide according to the weather and the location

Choosing the location and the day of your wedding will help you find the right dress. The majority of cloths is appropriate for any season, but some tissues like linen or organza are more suitable for the hottest seasons while velvet and brocade are better during winter. Are you having a ceremony on the beach? Choose a dress that matches a pair of comfortable shoes and avoid high heels. Are you getting married in a luxurious villa or in an ancient abbey? Avoid short dresses (especially in places of worship) or cocktail dresses.