Floral ideas for your wedding

8 January 2019


Floral decorations represent one of the most important elements in the setting up of a wedding, together with a bouquet, church, location and so on. It’s fundamental addressing to specialized companies that can assure you everything you need.

Traditional flowers

The day of the wedding has always been decorated by ornamental decorations made with flowers; this was a strong tradition in the past as well.

  • According to an ancient Arabic tradition, the bride has to wear lots of flowers, as a symbol of good luck and a happy life. The best ones were orange flowers, thanks to their sweet flavor;
  • The Greek preferred myrtle, an aromatic plant with an iconic smell, fresh and bitter. It was a sacred flower to Goddess Venus and it represented love;
  • During Elizabethan age, English brides considered rosemary as a symbol of love and loyalty;
  • Brides in Provence would use a simple bouquet made with sun-dried wildflowers;
  • In Italy, the bouquet became a tradition between VII and IX century, during Moors invasion in Sicily. It is a symbol of pureness and innocence.

Floral ideas for your wedding

The bride’s bouquet

The bouquet plays a very important role for the bride, either from a symbolic and aesthetic point of view. We recommend to match the style of the general decorations with the bouquet in order to maintain homogeneity. This detail must follow the bride’s dress, according to its shape and color: that’s why it’s useful to have a photo of the dress before choosing the bouquet.

When it comes to the flowers style, we suggest you use the seasonal ones, based on your personal taste; don’t forget that simplicity means good taste. There are various styles: compact and rounded, made with a bunch of little flowers; a beam with long stalks flowers; a cascade of leaning flowers; or just one flower. The key points are: a simple bouquet, seasonal flowers, light scent and colors and an easy handle.

Floral decorations for the church

The choice has to follow the architecture and the inside of the church, according to the space, the aisle and arches. Generally, for the inside of a church we recommend light and bright flowers; the size is based on the largeness of the church (a small one requires small bunches, a bigger one can be decorated with heavy decorations). If there are frescos, don’t use colored flowers, in order to avoid too many colors. In modern and bright churches we recommend green ornamental plants with a few light flowers; you can also add some candles.

Usually you can decorate these spots:

  • Churchyard
  • Front door
  • Altar
  • Space around the altar
  • Banister between the altar and the aisle
  • Desks along the aisle

Decorative boxes can have different styles; from white osier buckets to white pots and simple ribbons. Don’t forget petals and rice to throw to the couple.

Floral compositions for the party

Floral decorations are often managed by a floral-designer that will guarantee the same style from the church to the party. Usually you can decorate these spots (in villas, restaurants, country-houses and farmhouses):

  • Entrance
  • Hall
  • Buffet tables
  • Guests tables
  • Possible outdoor sites (terraces, gardens, dancefloor)

We recommend to use flowers that match the style of the ambient and that are not too scented, especially near the food. Fantasy is fundamental in order to create gorgeous effects that get your guests’ attention. Remember that you can decorate your car too, usually with flowers on the floorboard between the back window and the rear seatback; but also on the hood.