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Enjoy these refined, exclusive surroundings, and services designed around your every need, all in a pristine, natural setting.
Everything you need to make your time with us truly unforgettable.

An exclusive experience at Spineto?

Our Luxury Week service has been forged for those looking for a unique setting where they can really relax and get away from it all being the only and unique protagonist.

Imagine an historical mansion inhabited by an Italian family who still manages the property . The owners, for two generations have inhabited and developed the Abbazia di Spineto. Their love for nature , art , culture has preserved this place intact as much as it was possible since the structure of the Abbey was really compromised. Environmentally the ancient Abbey has an extensive park , inserted in a land of 880 hectares. The land is completely untouched and incredibly offers different views and landscapes that you can discover when strolling around the estate. On a short walk from the Abbey you will be able to go to the lake and enjoy the area with wild ducks and gooses.

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Furthermore the outdoor spaces will be available to you and your guests. Uncountable areas: the park, the secrete garden of the Abbey, the little hill over the lake. All of them are garden corners with garden furniture to enjoy the “alfresco settings” .

The opposite side of the estate will show you the magnificence of Val d’Orcia Valley, Unesco heritage place, full of beauty energies from nature. A peaceful and colourful place which inspired Tuscany painters, writers and sensible and passionate travellers.

The whole of the Abbey of Spineto in its entire will be exclusively reserved for you.

The rooms and many communal areas of the Abbey will be at your complete disposal, with a range of exclusive services available, such as access to our numerous lounge rooms, our health and fitness facilities, the “relaxation area”, the library and the children’s play area.

In Additions, the pool area directly adjacent to the Abbey is also yours to enjoy.

In the pool area, exclusively reserved for you, You will also enjoy the use of the cottage close by the pool. If you want to host some friends for a few nights, if you want to organize a lunch by the pool, or simply relax in one of the rooms on the cottage, this will be at your disposal.

It will be, for you and your family a moment of total relaxation in the most exclusive luxury of the Tuscan countryside.

Imagine also that you have an exclusive place where to meet your top clients respecting a total privacy. Or better, you can give the opportunity to your special customers to enjoy an occasion in a totally original and unique way.

A dedicated team of experienced staff is on hand at all hours of the day to see to your every need.

Our chef will suggest, according to your taste and need, the menu for your meals that will be a unique experiences related to the typicality of the place and the excellence of local products.

A team with great skills and knowledge on territory will arrange and suggest itineraries , exclusive tours or simply will be your concierge for hotel reservations , tickets and more.

The Languages ​​spoken are Italian , English , French